Daily Writing Challenge, Day #29

My Word-of-the-Day Challenge

Directions: Use the Word of the Day from Merriam-Webster.com from the month of August in a scene; each day’s post must be a continuation of the previous day’s post.

Word count limit: 150 words

August 29, 2021, Merriam-Webster Word of the Day: lollygag (v.)


to fool around and waste time 

“No lollygagging. Explanation, please.” Clementine faced the man she didn’t know but spoke to Roar. “You don’t usually bring friends, you don’t have friends, so who’s this?” 

A guarded shadow clouded Bjorn’s polite demeanor.

“She’s joking, Bjorn,” said Roar. “Whitney, please meet Sergeant Bjorn Rackham, our new Special Community Officer.” 

Without any trace of gaucheness, Clementine’s curt bearing transitioned seamlessly into flawless professionalism. She expressed gratitude for his taking time to introduce himself and to hand deliver meeting information; offered assistance as a community leader in support of bolstering human and Jubar relations as needed; and invited Sergeant Rackham to explore ways to become involved in the community beyond his typical duties to help him better contextualize the needs of those he’ll be serving.

Shaking her hand, Bjorn felt underdressed after being the recipient of that unplanned, eloquent speech.

Roar sighed. “You scared him.” 

“What?!” Clementine peered at Bjorn. “How?” 

word count: 150

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