Daily Writing Challenge, Day #28

My Word-of-the-Day Challenge

Directions: Use the Word of the Day from Merriam-Webster.com from the month of August in a scene; each day’s post must be a continuation of the previous day’s post.

Word count limit: 150 words

August 28, 2021, Merriam-Webster Word of the Day: hubris (n.)


exaggerated pride or self-confidence

Bjorn initially attributed the stares they received to his height until, as they interacted with staff, he realized the reason was more likely his handsome glasses-wearing associate. He also immediately learned that a ‘Huntsman’ asking for a meeting with the facility’s Jubar president was as laughable as a peasant demanding audience with a queen.

His ability to help me isn’t hubris after all, thought Bjorn.

After a brief wait, staff directed them to a seating area on the second level overlooking an indoor lap pool where the commanding crack of women’s heels on tile turned their heads. President Whitney Clementine, accompanied by her secretary, appeared in a bold blouse, pencil skirt, heels and a powerful stride that closed the distance between them in seconds.  

“Saj, love.” Clementine kissed Roar’s cheeks. “Have you signed up to volunteer at the tournament this weekend yet?”

Her razor sharp hazel eyes flicked toward Bjorn.

word count: 150

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