Feuding Done Right

Our dental office and a tiny restaurant have been neighbors in an expensive but kinda crappy plaza for the past 25-ish years. Both of our locations have largely retained the same employees over the decades. We got to know their hardworking people as the little restaurant became an easy go-to lunch location for us when … Continue reading Feuding Done Right

Milk Carton Universe (Chapter Eight – The Conclusion)

THE UNMARKED government trucks sped out of Max’s neighborhood with dead leaves fluttering in their wake.  No evidence remained to show that Max’s home had ever been disturbed. Zero footprints marred flowerbeds, no discarded gloves littered the hedge, neither a cheese cube nor an animal cracker dotted the lawn, and not a single drop of … Continue reading Milk Carton Universe (Chapter Eight – The Conclusion)

Milk Carton Universe (Chapter Four)

AN ALARM sounded in a government monitoring center. It’s suspected one might, anyway. No one of accountability has ever admitted as much.   It’s unknown precisely how The Secret Department for Interdimensional Research and Defense (S.D.I.R.D.) is alerted when dangerously expired cartons of milk and milk substitute products are at risk. To this day, the secret … Continue reading Milk Carton Universe (Chapter Four)

Evil’s Conundrum

The young superhero Waveform jogged in step with the harried chief of security. Dark patterned carpet muffled their hurried progress through the Legge Airport past silent restrooms, abandoned counters, and deserted restaurant tables toward the B-Gates. A single person leisurely paced the open central space between the waiting areas for the four B-gates. He wore … Continue reading Evil’s Conundrum