Daily Writing Challenge, Day #9

My Word-of-the-Day Challenge

Directions: Use the Word of the Day from Merriam-Webster.com from the month of August in a scene; each day’s post must be a continuation of the previous day’s post.

Word count limit: 150 words

August 9, 2021, Merriam-Webster Word of the Day: abject (adj.)


1 : sunk to or existing in a low state or condition : very bad or severe

2 a : cast down in spirit : servile, spiritless

b : showing hopelessness or resignation

3 : expressing or offered in a humble and often ingratiating spirit

Sprawled, Roar dimpled up at her. Gesturing with flourish to the box as though she had won a fabulous prize, he opened it to reveal a decadent 5-inch cake. “Would you forgive me if—HEY!”

The girl, squealing, snatched up the cake box, and dashed into the only open door in the dim, abject corridor. From that same doorway, a stout, older woman with short gray hair poked her head out, peering this way and that. Her marbled green-and-butter-yellow eyes found Roar.

“I saw you come back earlier,” she said as he climbed to his feet, rubbing his arm, “but then you left again which I thought was odd since, on days we eat together, you usually come over early to help with the cooking. And, a cake?” A quick glance satisfied her that the young man wasn’t worse for wear from the tumble. “What’s the occasion?”

Roar grinned.

word count: 148

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