Today at the Office

Our glass store front allowed me to appreciate the rainy weather while I ran the front desk at our dental office. We had a lull between patients where I got to sit quietly (the phone had taken a breather) as I kept an eye out for the next appointment to pull up into our parking spaces.

Our office is flanked by restaurants with a pet store within view of my station, so people are always walking by. At one point, a mom with two young boys walked past. I didn’t pay much attention to them until a loud noise against the glass door startled me. One of the kids (looked like a 4-year-old) had slapped both hands on the glass door and smudged his forehead between them.

The glass door is tinted and, when it’s bright outside, it acts like one-way glass. But today he could see through it due to the darkness provided by the rain and we stared at each other for a surprised second.

With only a moment to react (or not) before the kid was gone, I defaulted to waving with my best Disney character gusto. The kid bolted after his mom, yelling, “They waaaaved!”

Happy Thursday, everybody.

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