Character Concept Art/Sketches

Story: Boys with Buckets in the Surf (graphic novel)

*Scroll to the bottom for a little about the characters


  • Ilya
    • Short haired guy with reading glasses
    • Age – mid 30’s
    • A writer/editor for a magazine; is swamped with work but just wants to write fiction
    • I use my face as a model for this guy
    • I wish my hair did that
    • If my hair was that length, I’d have an afro
    • I don’t want an afro

  • Grigor
    • Long haired guy who wears scarves, sweaters and coats
    • Age – also mid 30’s
    • Builds doors (among other things); an occasional sailor; watches out for the older members of his small community
    • Fun to draw
    • He is modeled after Rajura/Dais from a painfully cheesy anime from the 80’s called Yoroiden Samurai Troopers/The Ronin Warriors (I can’t watch the show again without experiencing extreme embarrassment so I haven’t watched it since… middle school?? It’s cringe-worthy but was also integral to my fiction/writing/drawing journey)
    • I gave him a variation of one of my quirks (his face causes people to mistake him for a woman/it doesn’t make him uncomfortable/he finds it amusing)
      • My Quirk: I’m a woman but my voice confuses people into doing double takes cuz I sound like a teenage boy.
    • I haven’t mastered drawing his hair yet — but I will.

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