Monday, October 5, 2020

On Monday, Tea and Pelicans will be available on my blog (here). I made a new cover, too, which was fun and absolutely not what I should’ve been doing with my time.

This is the eBook version only.

After talking to Anton, I’ve decided the print version will have ink illustrations because why the heck not (I can actually bust out decent doodles pretty quickly so it’s not a problem). The print version will be ready sometime before the end of the year just to get it it out of the way.

Guys, I did some realistic publishing timeline pondering. It was depressing so I stopped and switched over to unrealistic publishing timeline pondering. I’m much happier now. See, my list of written-but-not-refined stories is at 31 stories (including 5 series and 6 graphic novels; argh why do I do this to me?!!?!) and realistic thinking starts me with a novel every few years and ends with me dead from old age before I finish the list (not taking into consideration any new ideas I might get along the way). That’s not okay.

Therefore, in the spirit of unrealistic expectations and not dying with unfinished business, the next few years will be an illogical write-a-thon because anything less is unacceptable.

(Ruthlessly completed stories will be announced and added here. Heehee, I’ve already started a list.)

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