Milk Carton Universe (Chapter Five)

BEFORE MAX was able to satisfy his curiosity, a team of federal agents burst through every window in the house. They were all armed and wore dark uniforms, body armor, eye protection, and breathing apparatuses in a way that no part of their bodies were exposed. 

They dashed through windows in the kitchen, living room, dining room, and the rear sliding glass door. They also kicked through every last door to emerge from every room with a window. A crowd even burst forth from the half bathroom beside the pantry despite it having no window or door to the outside.

One agent rolled over the kitchen table and accidentally flipped a fruit bowl, sending a half dozen mandarin oranges rolling to the floor. This action insulted Max’s three napping cats which awoke and attacked the offending agent. 

The other agents left their teammate to defend himself, trusting he had, by qualifying for their unit, completed the “Personal Defense Against Indoor Felines Course, part 2,” which prepared one to survive attacks involving two or more Felis catus.

“Um.” Surrounded, Max was even more baffled than he had been at the community center. “Can I help you?”  

Through the front door, which was ripped open, a procession of scientists in yellow hazardous materials suits marched like spacemen on the moon. They waded through the agents to reach the kitchen where the leader reverently donned special gloves. 

Facing Max, the lead scientist nodded. “You can do this, son.” And reached out.



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