Further Adventures of Nana Ana

Some of you might recall the wild short story you helped me write: “Nana Ana’s Secret Hideout.” In the making of it, I asked you for suggestions similar to those commonly requested by improv comedians during live performances (e.g. animals, locations, favorite bumper sticker quotes) and you offered incredible answers (again, thank you!).

I took that story down from my blog some time ago for editing. Presently, it’s posted on Wattpad. (In the future, I would like to revisit/rewrite it with the attention it deserves, and then put it in print for my family. That’d be nice.)

The Story

Anders inherited some unusual things from his late Nana Ana including a secret hideaway in Norway called “the island bungalow.” Armed with a few vague clues, Anders and his childhood friend trek into the Norwegian wilderness to meet a new side of his kooky grandmother.

The tale concluded with the boys braving a variety of magical phenomena to locate the secret hideout and realize their Nana, despite having been an integral part of their lives, had not truly included them in hers. (I think she may have gifted her grandson the bungalow and its secrets out of regret for time that had been wasted on secrecy and the lost potential for shared adventures.)

The End? 

I have given my word that I’ll write a sequel. So. Sequel. (I definitely want to expound upon who Nana Ana was as a person, her relationships with her grandson and the magical beings the existence of which she had previously chosen to keep secret, and that aforementioned regret.)

Hopefully I’ll be able to at least come close to the bizarre originality of the first story and have it somehow all fit together sensibly (daunting; very daunting!) which will be a challenge without the benefit of all of your fantastic suggestions.

If I need any help, I’ll let you guys know.

Good luck to everyone tackling NaNoWriMo this year! 

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