Writing Prompt Help!

Jennifer Hilty is looking for prompt ideas. She's asking for: "A thing and a mood." (Examples: Squid/Happy, Apple/Sad, House/Confused, etc.) Leave your ideas in the comments here: Jennifer's Prompt Post [She writes fantasy/science fiction - in light of that, I submitted "planet/delightful". She didn't specify how long the submission window will be open but she posted … Continue reading Writing Prompt Help!

Bookstore Recon

One of my top reasons to be in a bookstore (not the library) is to analyze current fiction. One of my favorite topics of study: story beginnings. The Art of Storytelling   I base how and what I write on what moves me. If I adore a certain character in a show, I figure out why. If I want … Continue reading Bookstore Recon

Works in Progress

Please allow me to introduce two of my babies: Villainy Genre: Science Fiction, Novel A Tidbit: Despite being a much-loved symbol of hope, Captain Hiroh Finner feels only murderous intent which is reserved entirely for a certain master of terror. He has hunted this man across galaxies for fifteen years. A brilliant, evil and nonsensical villain who … Continue reading Works in Progress