A New Year’s First Readings

When I was at University, Anton read a book he thought was amazing and suggested I dig it up at the campus castle (library). I tried to get my hands on it until the day I graduated but that thing was always out on loan! Argh!

And then, about a week ago, Anton managed to borrow that very book from a buddy of his for me. It’s finally in my hands. (Wahaha!)

Book #1: Black Holes & Time Warps by Kip S. Thorne

The next book I bought for myself when I was at the bookstore shopping for my other brother Gabriel and my father. I couldn’t resist.

Book #2: Sherlock Holmes: The Legacy of Deeds by Nick Kyme

I’m a tremendous Sherlock Holmes nerd and, even though these modern fan fictions don’t hold a candle to the originals, I find them entertaining. This book thus far… I enjoy and appreciate the care with which Mr. Kyme writes. (I’ll have to research what else he’s written.)

Now for the third book which I’ve borrowed from Anton’s personal collection. That book is…

Book #3: Hard-Boiled Wonderland at the End of the World by Haruki Murakami

If Murakami’s other works are any indication (e.g. The Strange Library) then this title will also intrigue me.

As always, as I read, I am and will be making notes of any random ideas I get from along the way (more particularly, I’m looking for an idea for a scene for you all; I haven’t given you one lately. I feel like the next scene is way overdue). Ideas, ideas, and more ideas!

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