Writing Updates: December 2017

NaNoWriMo Results

I hit the 50,000+ word mark for first draft of The Phantoms’ Interpreter. While I finished, I somehow didn’t find the challenge as exciting as everybody else seemed to. Not sure why.

Short Fiction Collection

I’m compiling a collection of short fiction for self publication in early February. It’ll contain the “scenes” I featured on this site (categories: scenes) plus 10-12 new scenes.

It’ll also have the prose version of Phantasy Night Zoo and a short story called Pemberton Lane.

First Draft of a Story Called “De Novo”Β 

I love the first draft so I’m putting that draft up (in script form, the way I wrote it) on Wattpad, with plot holes and all:

“When assassin Alexi Payumo is summoned to a city to which he didn’t want to return, he is confronted with friends, foes, and quite possibly a new beginning.”

Currently I’m only about half done with posting it. If there’s a way to copy/paste into Wattpad, I haven’t figured it out yet and so I’m inputting things manually (which takes time). The whole thing will be available to read in the next week or so.

Or, if you like, you can read it now. I appreciate any and all input (I’ve gradually been accumulating notes over the past several months about how to develop it into a series but outside eyes are always awesome).

No, I Haven’t Forgotten

You know that story where I laugh out loud at the main character every time I reread it (that would be Villainy)? That guy is incredible. I wish I could be him. Anyway, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about it.

Since graduating with my Master Degree in Dietetics & Nutrition this past summer, life has been nuts (health, career/work, etc.) and I refuse to rush/cut corners with that story. It means too much to me. (I know I say that a lot but it’s true.)Β When I’m satisfied it’s ready, it’s gonna be beautiful (my opinion, of course).

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