My Art Style’s Evolution

When I was a little girl, I drew exclusively with #2 pencil on notebook or computer paper. I had zero art software. My family had been slow on the computer acquisition thing (we used a typewriter through middle school, 1998-2000) and there were a lot of us kids so, once we bought a computer, we couldn’t use it if it wasn’t for homework.

In high school, I became aware of how artists who weren’t professionals were making amazing art with color and retouching software and, I’ve got to admit, I felt seriously inadequate. The only art class I’d taken (7th grade, maybe?) almost made me cry because we drew circles and trees and I really wanted to learn REAL techniques.

Here’s an example of how my art has changed. High school and prior, I couldn’t draw people comfortably to save my life so instead I decided to focus on what I knew I could do: imaginary creatures and still life. This bear is from 2000 (middle school, Christmas vacation abroad):


After high school, I took requests on DeviantArt for a while to give me drawing assignments outside my usual realm of subject choices. I used the opportunity to experiment with human figures, angles, movement and ink/drawing pens. This is a request from my DeviantArt days, 2010 (10 years after the bear):

my bench

Currently back in school working on my Masters, I still don’t have sophisticated art software or a computer that can handle it (my laptop is for homework: it’s got Internet and MicrosoftWord, we’re talking essentials here) but it’s cool. I like having a unique style.

Summer goal update!

The 1st volume of my 1st graphic novel series is well underway. The drawing portion is nearly complete. Once it is, I’ll scan those suckers to save a copy of the originals and then bust out the ink.

Since this is my first graphic novel endeavor, I expect it (the novel and the process) to be a little awkward while I find my sea legs but I’m okay with that. It’ll be a valuable learning experience.

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