Evil’s Conundrum

The young superhero Waveform jogged in step with the harried chief of security. Dark patterned carpet muffled their hurried progress through the Legge Airport past silent restrooms, abandoned counters, and deserted restaurant tables toward the B-Gates.

A single person leisurely paced the open central space between the waiting areas for the four B-gates. He wore a black parka with blue wool lining over dark winter pants and dark boots. His hands were buried in the parka’s pockets with his face turned away as if admiring the planes in limbo on the tarmac beyond glass walls. He made eye contact with the security chief.

Startled, the security chief broke into a walk, suddenly more disquieted by than angry at the supervillain for disrupting her airport and frightening the staff and travelers. She’d never been in the same space as a villain.

Waveform followed her lead. Personally, however, he was more concerned about any discrete incendiary devices that the villain may have concealed around the facility rather than the villain himself.

The security chief stopped far enough away to communicate with the villain using mildly raised voices and held her ground.

Clearing her throat, she called out: “What are your demands?”

The villain, Dr. Volkow, tipped his head back and rolled his eyes to the ceiling. “I had three.”

“Three?” said the chief apprehensively.

“Had?” said Waveform, suspicious.

Volkow closed his eyes. “It took you so long to find me that I forgot what they were and now I don’t know what I’m doing here.”

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