Skill, Luck, and Terrible Ideas (pt.12)

The Bandit was a proud vessel. Lined with guns down either flank, she gave every appearance of a navy ship until her colors bespoke piracy for which, proven nimble for her size, she was more than adept.

Presently, The Bandit was anchored quietly in a private cove at the foot of the small island of Florella. A private pier jutted out into the calm waters and lead to a zigzagging path that crawled up the gently sloped countryside, past patches of gardens and lush sitting areas under well-kept pergolas, to the black iron gate of a low but sprawling mansion with white walls, broad arches, and potted palms.

The mansion’s owner, a woman named Shasta Sahruharandha, was a fast and treacherous friend of Captain Green who was unique in that she wasn’t controlled by Captain Huleikre as many of Green’s acquaintances and allies were. She wasn’t prone to the same cruelty as most of the captains who served Huleikre. On the contrary she was a particularly and exceptionally dangerous figure because she had a tendency toward neutrality in even the most appalling situations.

When Green arrived days ago, Shasta wanted to treat his prisoners like guests in her home and Green, trusting and respecting her implicitly, had no qualms.

The prisoners were kept in an interior study with no windows and a single door since no dungeon was available. Expensive ornate rugs were pinned to the floor by a heavy desk, a heavy low table, a heavy tall backed chair with matching ottoman, and several large and ponderous couches which formed a semicircle around the table. Filled bookcases consumed every last wall. Anything that could be used as a weapon had been removed from the room. This included writing implements, any items containing glass, and less sturdy furniture that could potentially be smashed to produce shards. And absolutely no chains and shackles.

The three prisoners from Lally’s crew had no complaints. Not because they were determined to tough it out despite being injured, but because their new hostess gave them no reason to complain. The food was fantastic, the wine was impeccable, the reading material was broad and endless, and they received unlimited attention from the Bandit’s surgeon, a man named Dr. Fourier.

[to be continued…]

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