Notebook Scribbles

Like many writers, I keep notebooks everywhere to write down ideas as they pop into my head before they disappear forever.

Sometimes I can turn a few phrases into one or more stories later on, or at least an into a character idea.

Other times the fragments scribble in my notebooks are nothing more than scribbled fragments that are go nowhere and serve no other purpose but to make me laugh because of crazy they make me sound.

I crossed a brief example this weekend. It’s a fragment. It goes nowhere. It made me laugh because it makes me sound crazy. Here it is:

A: Once upon a potato… 

B: NO! (snatches potato) NOT once upon a potato (throws spud at the ground and it bounces straight to the moon which cracks like glass)! NO MORE ONCE UPON ANY POTATOES!!!!! 

Moon: Ow. 

Hooray for writer brain.

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