Daily Writing Challenge Review

Recently, I did a daily writing challenge in which I used the word-of-the-day from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary for the month of August.

My takeaways from doing a daily challenge (I’ll keep this brief):

1.) It was a good exercise because it (a) required me to keep a writing schedule and (b) promoted general time management.

2.) It was annoying because (a) I have a habit of endlessly revising up until the deadline, therefore small assignments like this can take much longer than the should, (b) it made me back-burner other writing projects (the ones without deadlines) because this one took way too much time because of my revising problem, and (c) some days I to work on something else but aaaarggghh.

Maybe I’d do better with a shorter challenge or something conducive for a more flexible writing schedule. Anybody have any writing challenge recommendations?

2 thoughts on “Daily Writing Challenge Review

  1. Ola ElWassify says:

    I tried writing a poem every day for a week! It’s very hard because of having to focus to bring the ideas together in a specific way. Words escape me, sometimes, although the ideas are there.

    I enjoyed your challenge though. It was inspiring, so please keep up the good work.

    About the recommendations, write any creative non-fiction piece every day and it can always start with the name of the books you have in your library at home. Just a crazy idea!

    stay safe.

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  2. Duri Rolvsson says:

    Hi Ola!

    Wow, a daily poetry challenge! Sounds daunting (creating poetry has always felt over my head). Go you!

    Oooh creative nonfiction. And incorporating book titles in the writing? You have given me ideas to think about, thank you!!


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