My Word-of-the-Day Writing Challenge 2021

I don’t normally participate in writing challenges and prompts (because I usually have enough long term projects rolling at once to either keep me busy or make me feel guilty about neglecting them when I want to think about other stories; and I’ve certainly never done a daily writing challenge.

Presently, though, I feel like I could benefit from a little creative exercise.

The exercise is a simple one and the rules are gonna run like this:

  • Write/post daily
  • Max 150 words
  • Each day’s post should be a continuation of the previous day’s post
  • The daily prompt will be the Word of the Day from from the month of August

That’s all I’ve got. I don’t know what else it should include so I’m just gonna go with it as is. This could go well, go bust, or just go meh.

Seems interesting already.

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