Writing Contest

This past spring, I was a volunteer judge for the annual short story and poetry competition for the Florida Writers Association (I think volunteers are randomly selected from members; I don’t have any English/Journalism degrees and I’m not a club officer or anything; that’s the only thing that makes sense). I’m grateful for the new experience.

The prompt was “create an illusion” and winners’ works were published in a single volume. Adult and youth entries were considered separately; poetry had a maximum line restriction, prose had a word limit.

Some works were stunning; others left me thinking “What the hell did I just read?”

While reading submissions, I noticed something interesting:

  • A majority of adult entries (83%) were prose
  • A majority of youth entries (93%) were poetry

Basically, adults defaulted into straightforward dialogue and monologue, whereas the young communicated in verse.

Interesting indeed.

2 thoughts on “Writing Contest

  1. Stuart Danker says:

    That’s an interesting find indeed. I’ve always been meaning to be a part of contest readings or at least a slush pile of some sort, just so I could learn more about the craft and see what’s out there on a regular basis. I envy your experience. Thanks for sharing!

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