The Dragon King’s Medic

A medical office manager has no clue magic and monsters exist until he’s handed over to the Dragon King as payment to settle a debt.

Title: The Dragon King’s Medic

Mario Zikmund is an overeducated, underpaid healthcare worker who’s in a love-hate relationship with his career. When he’s betrayed and becomes prisoner of Rosner the Dragon King, the pressure to choose between the patients he loves and his sanity disappears and he, despite being imprisoned in another realm, feels free.

When subversion threatens the dragon kingdom, Mario joins a group of subjects loyal to the king and, drawing on his degree in biomedical sciences, carves a place for himself in a vibrant world of brotherhood and adventure.

A feel-good story of adventure and friendship set in a realm of kingdoms and monsters.

Author note: I think this story could me fun.

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