Gone for a Hike

To help our nieces and nephews get out of the house for a bit (in a safe way), Anton and I took my sister and her kids to a Myakka River State Park. He and I each have a family annual entrance pass to the Florida State Parks (meaning our pass gets us in as well as anyone else in our vehicle) which came in super handy because we had two vehicles.

Handy dandy adventure pass!

When we were deciding on whether or not to go to Myakka State Park, Anton called ahead to confirm that a few of the trails were still partly flooded but passable, making it unlikely that we’d run into anyone. And he was right, we didn’t run into anyone on the trails we took. It was awesome.

At first it sounded ominous to trek through potentially muddy water, but the water on the trail was actually cool and relatively clear. Nothing that I’d call “mud,” anyway.

Anton specifically wanted to show the kids the Canopy Walk. Luckily, we got the waterlogged trail that led to the Canopy Walk all to ourselves!

It was cool and everybody had fun (bonus: we didn’t run into any gators)!

3 thoughts on “Gone for a Hike

    • Duri Rolvsson says:


      Oh my eyes were peeled for gators. PEELED! We only saw one during the whole trip and, even then, we were standing on the shore of a lake and the gator was swimming so far out that my 9-year-old niece was convinced it was wood and that we were trying to trick her into thinking it was a gator. Good times.

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      • Rilla Z says:

        Glad your niece is not gullible. Florida wetlands exploration is not complete without someone crying wolf—I mean, gator. And I’d be dodging every branch; I’m not ashamed to admit it. 😂

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