Self-publishing 2020

I haven’t been consistent with blogging over the past year, but I am quite proud that I’ve been consistent with my projects.

At the end of February, a short story collection is due to my editor (“Tea & Pelicans, and Other Short Stories”). My brother and I love discovering new short story collections, therefore it seemed only right that I publish at least one.

Later this year, a standalone parody is due as well. And, before 2020 is out, we (we = me + editor who is a deadline demon) are plotting for the completion of a paranormal detective story and several comics. (This is good. Maybe a personal deadline demon was all I really needed to get things done!)

DEAR FELLOW WRITERS: Let us take a moment today to properly thank our personal deadline demons for happily kicking our butts so that we may remain on track toward achieving our goals.

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