Small Adventures Here and There

For “Jeepy” was a Jolly Good Fellow

My first car when I was 18 was a black 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport. A boxy little thing with more rust than paint, which was so bad that we joked it was a grey-and-rust colored Jeep instead of black. My brother Anton and I swapped cars when I left for university (since Jeepy was unreliable for longer distances at the time) and thus Jeepy and Anton became bros.

Anton started rebuilding Jeepy, added a smooth new coat of paint, and eventually had no intention of switching back with me (I didn’t mind; Jeepy looked great!). With Anton, the new and improved Jeepy drove from Orlando, FL, to Texas, Arizona, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, a music festival in Michigan, California (twice) and a bunch of other places.

With great sadness, I report that Jeepy was clobbered by a truck and the damage wasn’t worth repairing.

Jeepy, the Humble Adventurer. He looked stunning in black and had seen more forests, parks, beaches, mountain ranges, islands, deserts, and eaten up more open roads in the last 5 years than I have in my lifetime (Well done, Buddy. We’ll miss you).

Rabbit Wisdom 

Last year I acquired a 2 lb purebred Polish rabbit named Loki from my best friend Megan. At 7 years of age, he’s a bossy little punk who likes to play chase (but only when he feels like it) and will not allow me to sleep in peace if his bowl does not contain at least one snack.

He also recently figured out how a pet bed works (it took him 9 months but he’s well on his way to mastering the art of lounging).

Gardening for a Year

I am determined to have a green thumb one day even if I have to paint it green.

The first round of attempted gardening in May of 2018 used sunflowers (my favorite), a single monstrous blanket flower bush (which cannot be killed or convinced to quit flowering), and other things I thought had a chance of surviving both me and brutal Florida summer.

Fall of 2018 brought mammoth dill, basil (all immediately got sick and died), thyme and chrysanthemums (dill made the whole yard smell like pickles; I should’ve gone with lavender or rosemary). I’m most proud of the thyme.

For Spring of 2019, I decided to challenge myself: pinto beans, black beans, tomatoes watermelon, even some pigeon peas. (This group is in progress.)

My mother has entrusted me with the two Norfolk pine trees she bought over the Christmas season for holiday decoration. Since I seem to be able to grow some things, now my parents give me plants they like (like the trees) and expect it to become a forest or meadow.

My Dad: (with a hand on my shoulder and mock sincerity) “Don’t kill the trees, Duri.”

I know nothing of tree care (I may need some luck on this one).

8 thoughts on “Small Adventures Here and There

  1. denisebaer says:

    Ah, memories. I remember my first car, a brand new Chevy Beretta. I’m dating myself because I don’t think they make them anymore. LOL! I’ve gotten into gardening about 6-years ago and I’m loving it. Best of luck with your knew plants! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Duri Rolvsson says:

      Chevy Beretta?! Nice!

      Thank you much! I need all the luck I can get! (Six years gardening experience? And, if you ever know any advice/posts/sites for newbie gardeners, I am eagerly all ears.)


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