The Last Prompts from November

Oh man, I am so far behind on PagesOfFiction’s prompts (It’s December already?!!). Recently I’ve been working on short story gifts to family, and then was somehow distracted by my paranormal private investigator series, and by Villainy. But, on to the remainder of this past month’s prompts.

The Last Ones!

  • Write about the autumn leaves.
  • Tell the story of someone who is just waking up from a coma.
  • Think of something you are thankful for. Now, write about someone who doesn’t have it.
  • Write a story for a sunny day.
  • Write a story for a snowy day.
  • Write about a rich person.
  • Write about a poor person.
  • Write about the vote that saved the world.
  • Write about squirrels.
  • Write the story of a ruin.
  • Write the story of magical shoes.

Alrighty, so I think I’ll need to combine multiple prompts into single scenes, unless there’s one or two that demand their own, in order to complete thoughtful, interesting short fiction before the new year. (Is that even possible with work, life and other projects? Let’s just say ‘yes’ and fight my way through it like it’s the only thing that makes sense. Less than 4 weeks until the end of the year! Here we go!!) 

Best of luck to everyone else and their writing projects and goals this winter!

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