November Prompts, Round 2!

Scenes written from the first round of November prompts are almost completed. (Yes, my self-given deadline was Friday; but I’ll do my best to post the rest today or tomorrow.) Regardless, a whole slew of other prompts are waiting for me.

2nd List of Prompts (by PagesOfFiction)

  • Write about the sky; what goes on up there?
  • Write about a meadow.
  • Write about the strangers that you never meet.
  • Write about the pumpkin you carved this year.
  • Write a story about teamwork.
  • Find out about an outdated medical treatment and write a story about it.
  • Write about a scientific discovery.
  • Write a story where “walking through fire” requires being really cold.
  • Write a story where falling is a good thing.
  • Write a story inspired by your parents.
  • Write about what really is at the end of the rainbow. (THIS ONE!!)

Writing Projects Galore 

I wasn’t lacking for writing projects before all this (I have too many as it is), but I don’t aim on postponing anything for the last month or so of this year. Who knows–maybe Nana Ana Adventures, short stories for relatives, and November prompts will help (force) me to become more efficient in the time management department (and then, when it’s New Year’s Eve and I still have writing to do, I‘ll dream of developing a cozy writing alcove outside of time-space where I can write happily, uninterrupted). Who knows what could happen.

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