In Transition

One week after spring finals, I begin my last semester of grad school (WOOOOOOO yeeeeaaaaah!! AHAHAHA, oh FINALLY!!!). It makes me happy.

The LAST Semester   

A couple of writing goals will be met these next 3-ish months:

First, it might seem like Villainy (science fiction – involves space travel) left for a solo trip and hasn’t checked in (abducted by bad guys? Took the wrong train, repeatedly?). But don’t worry, it’s okay.

Actually I’d indulged in some extra “detail hunting” for Villainy: research subjects included astronomy, history of human space exploration with first hand accounts, cosmology, aerospace materials, relativistic astrophysics, etc. (I don’t have a background in physics or engineering so it wasn’t a cake walk. There was no cake.) The math was over my head but it was worth it for the tidbits I picked up. Anyway, there will be no more extra research because this sucker will be completed in its entirety by this semester’s end when I graduate! It will!!

Of all the characters my brain has rendered, the Villainy villain is my #1. He has a way about him – he’s beautiful, tragic, fun and much too mesmerized by his favorite people to notice his own virtues. (I would cosplay as Villainy’s villain.)

Second, I’m dressing up Night Zoo in prose. (It’s already in script form which is fairly easy to convert into paragraphs; I also look forward to cover design.)

Summer Goals, Summer Goals 

I realize my goals are few and old news but, yes, that’s what’s happening. [And I still need to do a Liebster Award Q&A – I haven’t forgotten, Allison!!]

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