Where Disembodied Quotes Come From

I talk to myself. A lot. All day, about everything. Heck, when I’m in class or in public and can’t, I feel like I’m holding my breath (crazy??).

How I Collect Quotes

Most of the quotes I keep are my reactions to everyday stuff or T.V. shows (e.g. Supernatural, TWD – I get very involved with my shows), or from when I play all my characters in a scene as I walk around doing chores; or, sometimes quotes come from my conversations with me. I won’t use 95% of the stuff I collect, but occasionally it contributes to the inspired birth of new characters, scenarios and/or storylines. So I keep everything.


  • Mutual Enemy: (darkly pleased) Villain…
  • Villain: (sighs)
  • Mutual Enemy: DON’T SIGH!


  • I hope you like vertical prairies.
  • (???) You mean mountains?
  • And fluffy antelope.
  • (Mountain goats...)


  • Does this actually work in real life ooooooooohhhhh – this is real life. Is it WORKING?


  • Because I have fabulous hair.
  • That is not a reason.
  • I beg to differ.


  • Hero: What’d you talk about?
  • Villain: (honestly) baking cookies.
  • Hero: I won’t pressure you if you don’t want to talk about it.


  • He made great efforts to ignore my attempts at easing the atmosphere; and I made greater efforts to sabotage his efforts so that ignoring me at all became conditionally impossible, bordering on belligerence.


  • I wanted to relocate but it turns out if I do, I’ll die mysteriously.
  • Wow, that sucks.
  • Yeah, it does.


  • [In mountain gear in the mountains] Is that an accordion? I thought we were mountain climbing!


  • Hey, did you find my thing?
  • What thing?
  • The thing I lost. I can’t find it.
  • What was it?
  • I don’t remember but I remember looking for it.


  • [Creepy/weird sounds on other side of door]
  • Those are either zombies… or ostriches.
  • [Peeks]
  • DON’T LOOK!!!!


  • [Casual gesture] My other two weird friends you haven’t met.


(I’ll probably collect these things forever. And then when I’m super old I should compile it all in a single colossal volume of nonsense – as a supplemental to my autobiography which only Megan and I will read, over Papa John’s and yarn. And I’d title it something like: “Here Lies My Brain: I Never Said It’d Make Sense.”) As a writer, what kind of stuff do YOU collect? 

7 thoughts on “Where Disembodied Quotes Come From

  1. Rilla Z says:

    I hate when my characters have a complete conversation in my head right when I’m trying to go to sleep. I’ve asked them politely to save it until I get up in the morning because I’d be happy to write it all down then. But they never will…

    Liked by 1 person

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