UPDATE: Graphic Novel, Vol. 1

Working Title: The Imaginary Night Zoo

Official Title: Phantasy Night Zoo

How I’ve Previously Introduced the Series:

“A legend surrounds the hedge maze and animal statues of the Maye Botanical Garden. On new moons, the statues climb from their pedestals and are managed by a man in a top hat. The man is the zookeeper and the garden his zoo.”

Got an idea of the garden? Okay, now throw some college dorks into it for an adventure. (No, I didn’t make myself one of the characters – though that would’ve been FANTASTIC.)


And you know what’s great? Megan hasn’t heard this story yet. HA! (And, no, Megan, you don’t get spoilers. Mwahaha!) (P.S. if you’re new here, she’s my best friend.)

My Next Post will announce of the completion/availability of volume 1.

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