Fall 2016 Story Updates

The Imaginary Night Zoo, vol. 1 will be ready by November as planned (an exact date has yet to be set; I’ll give a heads up when I know).

Having someone else edit (Villainy) hasn’t been as scary as I thought it’d be. It’s actually given me ideas. So! While I could settle with what I have and it’d be perfectly okay, that’s not good enough. I’m gonna run through that sucker one more time for good measure (finish Dec-Jan).


Acknowledgements: First, I’d like to thank Mr. Wall (he did not disappoint). His efforts included banning the Sandman from my apartment, inspiring weeks of graduate school studying/research/paper writing extravaganzas, and everything else. Second, a thank you also goes to my editor for some great pointers. Without you two… well, I’d be getting more sleep and publishing less than my best.

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