Project Updates & Evil Comrades


  • Villainy goes in to see the editor in 1.5-ish weeks (sounds like a doctor’s visit….)
  • Villainy is looking at an October release date.
  • The Imaginary Night Zoo is looking at a November release date.

New Semester

The start of a fall semester at university always ends up feeling more like a “Happy New Year!” moment to me than January 1st (must be a nerd thing). I can’t wait to see what unpredictable stuff happens. I especially look forward to walls (not literal walls – the ones that like to show up between people and their dreams). 

Walls are Good

Walls are like determination checks. They appear every so often in different guises but always ask the same thing: “Are you absolutely, seriously, maybe even unrealistically positive that you want this?”

I have 2 options: I can (1) get depressed because Mr. Wall is relentless, or (2) thank Mr. Wall for firing up my fighting spirit and kick his butt.

Or you can simply envision this:

Mr. Wall is the armored leader of a sprawling fantasy army in a realm with three moons and you’re a 5’4″ lady in Nike’s and a hand-me-down superhero t-shirt. He poses a challenge and will legitimately stop you if you lack resolve, but deep down he wants to see you to keep fighting. Thus, when his challenge makes you laugh like a lunatic and pull ten contingency plans out of your back pocket, he offers a grin to match your laugh and admits temporary defeat.

I appreciate walls. Aside from being determination checks, they’re opportunities to invent new methods of personal progress that could never come to be without those precise, unique environmental conditions.

New semester! (Bring on the surprises.)

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