Old School Fan Art

I miss drawing fan art. This is from 2010. Anyone familiar with the anime Ronin Warriors (aka Yoroiden Samurai Troopers)? It’s one of those shows that was great in middle school but is too painful to watch now (1980’s animation/dialogue, anyone?) however it will always have a special place in my heart (and on my bookshelf; I have the series on DVD).

For fun I’d created a baseball comic (with heroes and evil warlords mixed between the teams).

old school fan art comic

(Cale (evil warlord) is booing a guy on his own team (Ryo, hero);  they’re more fun when they don’t get along. And the guy on the far right who looks like he wants to disappear is Cye whose grandma probably does swing a bat harder than Ryo.)

Like all characters that charm their way into my internal fictional universe, these guys and their relationships, settings and even their genre have mutated over the years (they resemble neither their former selves nor the show) so I could probably change names and run with it – man, that could be a lot of fun. But not now! I’m still working on The Imaginary Night Zoo/Villainy. (The list of players and adventures waiting for me keeps growing… Excellent.)  

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