My Next Journey Begins!

Guess what? It’s story time! Or rather, it will be very soon. Storytelling is fun—whether it’s about imaginary people or outrageous stuff that happens in real life. Adventures with friends are my favorite kinds of stories and I aim to share a whole mess of them.

This month is the 1-year anniversary of Summer Road Trip 2015: Alaska to Florida (yes, road trip as in driving). That thing was nuts. My best friend was moving back down here to Florida and the arrangement with her travel companion fell through; I didn’t have any summer classes lined up at the time so I thought, “What the heck?” (That was an unforgettable 3 weeks. Seriously. I’ll regale you later).

This summer, it stinks but I have courses I need to take if I want to earn my Master’s Degree before I die of old age. And so summer 2016’s endeavor will not be traveling but will be this blog plus publishing my first two works. That part doesn’t stink. That’s awesome.

My name is Duri, will be my home base for now, and I hope you stick around.

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