Eric & Dr. Volkow


This story is a wildcard.

What does that mean?

Well, I wrote the first part “Evil’s Plan” with the intention of it being a standalone scene with no planned prequels or sequels.

Due to interest, there are now five sequel scenes and one random prequel scene (which only exists because the idea wandered across my mind one day and it made me smile).

However, the story about Eric/Volkow is currently a wildcard because I’ve only been telling random parts of their story (not in chronological order) with no set schedule, and I absolutely did NOT start at the beginning.

Perhaps when I close out on some ongoing serial fiction projects, I may pursue this story as a serial project (which I would have no choice but to publish in chronological order). That may be the motivation I need to tell their story in a straight line.

Until then, Eric/Volkow’s story is subject to being published in random scenes with no set schedule and in no particular order.

Read the Scenes

  1. Original Scene: Evil’s Plan

2. Evil’s Gesture

3. Evil’s Trap

4. Evil’s Dilemma

5. Evil’s Entrance

6. Evil’s Silence

Prequel Scenes (were not created or published in chronological order)

Evil’s Gopher

Evil’s First Hello

Evil’s Conundrum