Professional Audience

What do teachers think when they grade written assignments? I think most student papers probably fall between the two extremes: (EXCELLENT) so clever and grammatically glorious that teachers glow with approval, and (*&^%?!) so disappointing they don't know how to grade it fairly without dipping it in red paint and placing it solemnly atop a funeral pyre. Captive Audience Just like in fiction writing, I consider … Continue reading Professional Audience

Storytelling Diversified

Tomorrow I'm giving a presentation titled Collagen Biosynthesis Disorders: the Biomedical Impact of Abnormal Protein Coding to a room of masters and doctorate candidate students. I like to find common threads in things I must do (presentations) with things I love (writing/acting, basically storytelling). In doing so, practicing one becomes like practicing aspects of the other and, if I can equate … Continue reading Storytelling Diversified