Storm Dodging

Alaska to Florida Adventure: Days 15 & 16 Megan had originally wanted to make our next stop Nashville, TN, (she has friends there) but summer storms changed the game. As it stood, Nashville and the Northeast were under a perpetual tornado threat and Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas were under water. This left us with a narrow band … Continue reading Storm Dodging

The Wall

Alaska to Florida Adventure: Days 7 - 10.5 Megan and I kicked off the USA leg of our trek by way of I-5 south to US-2 (to avoid Seattle traffic mayhem) from which we jumped onto I-90 around Spokane and headed east. Summer storms were making a racket in the Midwest and down South so we agreed … Continue reading The Wall

The Green Queen

Alaska to Florida Adventure: Days 5 & 6 The historic area on the other side of the Canadian-US border opened up to a impeccably flat farming landscape (easily the greenest place I'd ever seen). Megan called her relatives and after getting turned around (and greeting a bunch of cows His Highness mistook for giant dogs that … Continue reading The Green Queen