What Did You Write as a Kid?

When I was a kid and teen, my fiction was all about magic, monsters, and adventure. The stories were scribbled in slim one-subject notebooks that blended in with the other books in my backpack so it probably looked liked I was always studying or something. Anyway, my friends and I had made up characters to represent ourselves and I liked to write them into magical monster adventures.

While I don’t think I kept any original notebooks, I vividly recall plenty of details about the monsters (e.g. species names, abilities, and habitat) and I still use the characters with their original names (although none of them have powers anymore and they don’t live in a world with magic).

At first, I thought I didn’t write that way anymore but, the more I considered it, I realized I still sorta do (the difference being less monsters+magic, and more monsters+scifi).

The original chars have been with me so long that they’re like childhood friends and totally deserve their own series, even if its only for my and Megan’s amusement of having our characters in print. And, the monsters. I should probably work something out for at least a few of the monsters, too.

What about you?

What did you write as a kid/teen? Did you keep any stories? Do you remember any? Do you miss them?

Have a great day!

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