My First Story

The first story that I will be self-publishing is a surreal short story called Tea and Pelicans, which is about a man who meets several reclusive neighbors.

Getting slightly off the topic of books and writing for a second, I think we’ve all had a brutal past 6 months (and past several years) and that we continue to need more positivity, creativity and community. In light of that, I can’t bring myself to be a salesman right now. Money is tighter for those who had little to begin with, and denying somebody a book because they can’t afford it is a low blow.

When I self-publish Tea and Pelicans at the end of the month, I’ll make it available here for anybody wants to read it and I’ll do the same for the next several stories that are scheduled to be completed later this year.

Super Short Excerpt

“While the others swam, danced, and sang, I thought nothing of the document on my sunroom table, which could be translated easily at any time, and sat in that rowboat moored to the island where I talked with the whale until the sun touched the western horizon.”

Tea and Pelicans, Duri Rolvsson, 2020

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